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Crystal Castle - July 20, 2012

Crystal Castle – July 20, 2012

Crop Circle Dorcet UK 2014

Crop Circle Dorcet UK 2014

Mayan Calendar Crop Circle

Patty Greer – UK

Crop Circles have mystified people for centuries as one of the greatest wonders of the world. Do they come from ETs or from within the earth? Patty Greer suggests new answers. Scientists and metaphysicians now agree that this phenomenon is a physical manifestation of co-communication between Earth, ET and Human Consciousness. Bent, blown and bubbled nodes are evidence that bio-physical changes have happened to the effected plants. High heat had to run through the stalks to cause the extremely odd browning, burning and busting to bend in rhythm with the other plants. Another stunning anomaly found in Crop Circles is the presence of iron ore molded into the fibers of the leaves. This would require a temperature of about 1,200 C to be floating around in the air in the middle of a field at night. So where are they coming from and how does this happen? Finally we have new answers to ponder.

Award winning film maker Patty Greer has visited more than 100 UK Crop Circles personally. Enthralled with the phenomenon since 2006, she returned in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2014 with cameras. Greer had an out-of-body experience in a 2007 UK Crop Circle, then produced 6 full feature UFO films in record time. With no training in film making or research whatsoever, this was a life altering “Contact” experience!

Visiting these highly charged electro-magnetic formations at night Greer filmed ‘Balls of Light’ in the night sky. Studying the famous 1996 Oliver’s Castle Crop Circle footage where two Balls of Light lay a Crop Circle down in seconds, Greer found a direct band of coded information between the two Balls of Light just before they laid the Crop Circle down! Her work has been intuitive from the start and her movies are filmed live in the fields. With no make up, scripts, or storyboards you are taken deep into the epicenter of the Crop Circle phenomenon in Wiltshire, England to experience these magnificent formations and meet the real Croppies!

Patty Greer spent time with a scientific research team to discuss their research on Crop Circles. A new explanation for their origins emerged, THIS is a much bigger story! Patty Greer has answered many of the world’s top Crop Circle questions with visible evidence in her movies. ( So why has the media strayed away for decades and hired posers/actors with boards and ropes to take credit for these other-worldly communications? And why have film distributors gone to such lengths to hide important movies like these from the public for years?

Might the coded messages in braille and binary be offering important keys of wisdom to direct the course of our evolution? Sacred geometries and pictograms have exposed historic events and warnings, but few people were looking or listening. Dozens of Crop Circles exposed diagrams and schematics for propulsion and free energy technologies when they were spun. Some Crop Circles point directly to sacred sites, while others boast
ancient languages that haven’t been seen for centuries.

So what are they telling us and why is nobody listening? These formations are huge, intricate, intentional and illuminating! We are living in a time of historic evolution, yet much is being kept from the public. With UFO dis-information rampant across the world, it’s almost impossible to know who to trust. So trust nature and the earth and learn to read the signs being left in plain sight as Crop Circles*

We’ve seen them for centuries as physical manifestations of ‘Other Dimensional’ communications.
It’s 2015 and they’re still delivering the messages.. Maybe it’s time to listen!

Dive in with us & find out* We are so glad you are here!
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