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Crop Circle Dorcet UK 2014

Crop Circle Dorcet UK 2014


Mayan Calendar Crop Circle

Patty Greer_Croppie Girl" UK

Patty Greer  Croppie Girl

Surely one of the great wonders of the world, Crop Circles have appeared for centuries! We offer you a birds-eye view and a back-stage pass to this stunning phenomenon.  Taking you deep into the fields we introduce some of the most devoted researchers around. They have visited these mystical formations fearlessly for years, and offer their stories of seeing Plasma Balls of Light in the night sky.  Yes Crop Circles are REALLY happening – although the media has strayed away. Acres of wheat and corn are seamlessly swirled down in seconds, creating outrageous pictures and coded messages for all to see.

Crop Circle Wisdom offers 6 illuminating Crop Circle/UFO documentaries and music soundtracks. They have have won a number of prestigious awards and were produced by an experiencer who had no training.  You get the straight scoop from the epicenter in Wiltshire England, and will be delighted with all of the aerial cinematography!

Film maker Patty Greer has visited more than 100 UK Crop Circles personally. She’s been enthralled with the Crop Circle phenomenon since 2006, returning in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2014.

After an out-of-body-experience in a 2007 UK Crop Circle she produced 6 full feature Crop Circle films in record time. The collection exposes Crop Circles and the Plasma Balls of Light seen in and around them. Coming from the earth in a spinning vortex of frequencies, it unites with sky beings and the frequencies of mass human consciousness. These subtle energies spin up with evolutionary intention and a new Crop Circle is born.

This is a crash course in UFOlogy and Crop Circles. Watch Balls of Light create a Crop Circles in seconds! A direct band of coded communication was found between the Plasma Balls of Light just before they laid the Crop Circle down! This discovery is historic and a game-changer indeed! Let’s get these movies out to the world!

You can purchase DVD movies here or stream them for only $5.00 each. Share them far and wide – seeing is believing!

Greer’s newest movie, “The SHIFT Has Hit The Fan” was filmed at the “Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference” and “Roswell UFO Festival.” Connecting Free Energy Technologies to Crop Circle messages we are gifted with some of today’s most impressive game-changers: Foster Gamble (Thrive), Stanton Friedman, Richard Dolan, Michael Tellinger, Sacha Stone, Dr. David Martin, Searl Aerospace, Earth Guardian Kids.

Patty Greer received a standing ovation at the 2014 International UFO Congress Convention for her presentation on Crop Circles featuring more than 300 photos in 75 minutes.

Dive in… We are glad you are here!


PG Movies & Music 2014


Patty Greer Films:

“The SHIFT Has Hit The Fan”
“Crop Circle Update – The Wake Up Call”
“4 Stories – One Event – Other Worlds”
“UFOs, ETs, Abductees and Brilliant Minds”
“The Wake Up Call – Anybody Listening?”
“2012 – We’re Already In It”


“Autumn Glow – Unique Harp Music”
“The Deeper Dance Of Night CD”
“Wake Up Call Music Soundtrack”
“The Wake Up Call – Anybody Listening? CD Soundtrack”
“Crop Circle Magic – 7 Disc Set”
“The Big Collection Award Winning UFO Movies and Music”

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